Assignments and Tests

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Submitting an Assignment

From the content area in your course, click on the name of the Assignment.

In the Upload Assignment page, you will see:

  • Due Date (if the instructor sets a due date for the assignment)
  • Points Possible
  • Instructions

Assignment information

The Assignment Submission area follows, and gives you an option for writing your assignment as a text submission, or attaching your assignment as a file from your computer, the content collection, or your cloud storage account.

Assignment Submission screenshot

To learn more about submitting your assignment from a cloud storage account, click the links below:

(Optional) Scroll down the page and you will find a Comments section. You can add comments to your assignment submission for your instructor to read.

Comments section

If you want to save your work and continue your assignment submission later, click on Save as Draft. This will not submit your work to your instructor. When you’re ready to work on your assignment again, head back to the assignment and click Continue.

Upload assignment buttons

When you are ready to submit your work, click on Submit located at the top or bottom of the Upload Assignment page. Clicking on Submit will send your assignment to your instructor to be graded.

Some instructors provide students multiple attempts for assignments. For assignments with multiple attempts, a student can go back in and attempt to submit another assignment. The instructor can view all attempts made by students.

If the instructor only has the assignment set for a single attempt, students can only submit the assignment once. Make sure you have everything written/attached to your assignment before clicking Submit.

For more information on submitting assignments, read Submit Assignments from the Blackboard Help page.

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Taking a Test

From the content area in your course, click on the name of the test that you need to take.

Test item in content area

After clicking the test title, an information page will appear. It will provide additional instructions and details about the test before you start the test. Click Cancel to go back. If you’re ready to start taking the test, click on Begin.

Assignment instructions

At the top of the page, you will see the test information. Depending on your how your instructor set the test, you can view all questions in the test or be shown one test question at a time. As you work on the test, your answers are saved automatically, or you can click on Save All Answers button located at the top or bottom of the page. When you are finished with the test, click on Save and Submit.

Blackboard Test

Your score may soon be available in your My Grades area if the questions are auto-graded. Some tests require manual grading from the instructor so you may have to wait until your instructor finishes grading your test.

For more information on taking tests, read Tests & Surveys – Take a test or survey from the Blackboard Help page.

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