Blackboard app

Bb Student app has been renamed to Blackboard.

Blackboard is accessible though your mobile. The Blackboard app provides an intuitive way for you to interact with courses, content, instructors, and other students.

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Bb Students App Menu
Blackboard app navigation options: Student Profile, Activity Stream, Courses, Grades, and Due Dates.

Blackboard app Profile

Bb Students Profile

Your Blackboard app profile is populated with Blackboard Learn profile information, including your name and avatar. You can change avatars if your school enables avatar management. You can’t change your name or other information because that data is pulled from your school’s Blackboard Learn system. In the future, you will be able to add more school tiles. Your profile information and avatar aren’t shared with others in the app at this time.

  1. Access your profile by tapping your avatar in the app’s main menu.
  2. Tap your picture and take a new photo with your device’s camera or select a saved photo.

When you change your avatar in the app, it replaces all instances of your avatar in the Blackboard app and Blackboard Learn. When you are in a Collaborate session, you see avatars of participants who have uploaded avatars in the desktop or mobile versions of Collaborate with the Ultra Experience. At this time, your Blackboard app avatar functions separately from your Collaborate avatar.

Activity Stream

See an up-to-the-minute list of important course activity including new content, announcements, and grades. The activity stream automatically prioritizes the items to help you focus on the tasks that you want to take care of right away.

Tap an item in the stream to open it and begin working. Click the linked course title within the item if you want to go to the course outline instead.

Bb Students Activity Stream


Bb Students Course list

View all of your courses—past, present, and future. Tap a course to view its content and assignments.

Your course list opens to a list of current courses. If you have past or upcoming courses, you can swipe left or right to display them. Unavailable courses do not appear in the Blackboard app. Organizations are not supported at this time.

The Blackboard app places courses in the current, past, or upcoming lists based upon the course duration specified in the course’s settings. This organizes your courses effortlessly and meets your needs most of the time. However, there might be times when you want to hide old courses.

Hide or show courses

You can clean up your view of the Current course list. For example, hide a course that you no longer need to access. A past course might continue to show because of the course’s date settings.

At the bottom of the list, tap the box that states how many hidden courses you have. Next, tap to hide or show a specific course. You can reverse the action at any time.

  • Course Content

Easily scan course materials and access what you need. Tap a piece of content to view its full details.

You can view Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, and PDF content that your instructors include in courses.

Bb Students Course Content


Get real-time access to grades and feedback within an individual course or from Grades in the base navigation.

Bb Students Grades

Due Date

See upcoming assignments and tests across all of your courses. Work is color coded by course and grouped by day and week. You can quickly see what’s due and prioritize your work.

Note that tests and assignments show in this list only if your instructor specified due dates for them.

Bb Students Due Dates

(Source: Blackboard App for Students)