“Kansas City Kansas” – A poem by Terry Winchell, C’68

Rolling Hills and river 
Where Wyandot Indians roamed
The place where I grew up
The place that I call home
Many people live here
Black and White and Brown
Doesn't seem to matter much
In any part of town
Blue collar men and women
Some white collars too
But you know, that even those
Look a little blue
Nicest people ever
Some a little rough
But the hearts are mostly good
Even if they're tough
Old houses and some new ones
Character I'd say
Something here is very good
I see it every day
Could be the racial mixture
Could be the friendly smiles
But it's not for everybody
Not for every style
People here don't really care
If they're like the rest
Money doesn't mean that much
Status not the quest
Kansas City Kansas
Prices not that high
A place to live, a place called home
More here than meets the eye

Written by Terry Winchell, C’68 and first published in the Kansas City Star on 8/5/93

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