Blackboard Instructor

Blackboard Instructor is a mobile app that enables you to view course content, grade assignments, connect with students in discussions, and interact with your class in Blackboard Collaborate. The app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices

Course list

After you log in, you see all your current courses where you’re enrolled as an instructor, TA, or course builder. You can also see which of those courses are hidden from students.

Tap a course card to access a course.

Screenshot of Blackboard Instructor Course List that shows the courses you are enrolled in as the instructor.

Course overview

Clicking on a course card give you access to a concise view of your course. You can view due dates, announcements, course content, and discussions that are available in the class. You can also view a list of instructors and send email to them. Your courses may look different than they do in a web browser, but you’ll easily navigate through your content.

Screenshot of Blackboard Instructor Course overview. it shows due dates, annoucements, course content, discussions, as well as the list of instructors for that course.


Tap the menu button at the top of the Courses page to access your course list, log out, or view settings. In Settings, you can access the help site and read our policies.

Screenshot of Blackboard Instructor Menu that shows your profile name, courses button, and settings button. Screenshot of Blackboard Instructor Settings


Instructors and graders can review, annotate, and grade submissions and quickly publish the grades back to students on iOS and Android devices.


You can access grading in two ways:

  • Main menu. Tap Grades for a global view of items to grade or post for all courses.
  • Course overview. See items that need your attention now or tap Grades to see all assessments for a single course.

Grading is supported on both phones and tablets. All screen sizes have the same functions, but the interface is slightly different between phones and tablets to maximize screen space.

Not seeing the Grades option? These requirements have to be met in order for Grading to be available via the Blackboard Instructor app:

Blackboard Instructor version 2.0 grading capabilities are available in the initial release for these conditions:

  • Assignments only
  • Original courses only
  • Blackboard Learn SaaS or Blackboard Learn 9.1 Q2 2018 CU4 +
  • Devices running Android 4.2+ or iOS 9+

Clients on Blackboard Learn versions prior to Q2 2018 need to upgrade to Q2 2018 in order install the necessary CU to enable grading capabilities.

More information on system requirements for grading in the app


Source: Feature Guide for Blackboard Instructor