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If you are required to create a portfolio for your class, follow these steps in creating and submitting a portfolio in Blackboard.

Creating a Portfolio

1. To get started on your portfolio assignments, you will need to click on Course Portfolio located in the Course Menu column on the left side of the page.

Course Portfolio link

2. The page that opens up says My Portfolios on the top left. On the My Portfolio Page, you will need to click on the Create Portfolio button. Create Portfolio button

From the assignment dropbox page for your portfolio, you can also click on the Create Portfolio button.

Create Portfolio button

3. The Create Portfolio page appears and from here, you can provide a required Title for your portfolio. Right underneath is the Portfolio template. Instructors will inform students which portfolio template should be used. If you accessed the Create Portfolio page from the assignment dropbox, the template has already been selected.

Create Portfolio page

For HUDV classes, the most common portfolio template used is HUDV-0100 & HUDV0101.

(Optional) You can also add a description for your portfolio. When you’re done setting up the basic information for your portfolio, click on Submit.

Create Portfolio page

4. You have the option of taking the “Getting Started with Portfolio” tour, or cancel it by clicking “No thanks, I’ll explore on my own.

Portfolio tour

5. You will now see the portfolio set with the chosen template. The portfolio is still blank. Depending on your instructor, you may have to fill the portfolio one section at a time, or fill all sections in one go.


A. You can see all the section names listed on the left box of this page.

B. For the HUDV template, there are three sections: Goals and Missions, Resume, and Final Assignment. Click on the empty text boxes to write information for each section. You can also attach files and documents by clicking the Add Artifact link found in each section. (For more information on adding artifacts to your portfolio, jump to Adding Artifacts to your Portfolio.)

C. When you’re ready to save your work, click on Done Editing found at the top right corner of the Create Portfolio page. You can also Preview your Portfolio and customize the portfolio layout and color. When you are done customizing, click on the Save button on the right side of the portfolio preview page.

Portfolio customization

To go back to your course, click the My Home tab at the top corner of the page and select your course from the My Courses list.

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Adding Artifacts to your Portfolio

1 .To attach files or documents to any section in your portfolio, click on the Add Artifact link.

Add Artifact

2. The Add Artifacts to Portfolio Page window will pop up. If you have previously uploaded artifacts for your portfolio before, it will be listed on this page. To add a new file or document, click Add Personal Artifact.

Add Artifacts to Portfolio Page
Select the checkbox for the item you wish to attach from the list. The list contains all files previously uploaded as artifacts.
Add Personal Artifact
If you need to attach a file from your computer, click the Add Personal Artifact button. You would need to provide a title for the artifact (description and content is not required). Click the Browse My Computer button and select the file from your computer. Click Submit.

3. Your artifact is now attached to the section you added it to. When you are finished working with your portfolio, click Done Editing at the top right corner of the page.

Artifact attached

After clicking on Done Editing, you will be redirected to your My Portfolios page. You can view all the portfolios you have created from within this page. To go back your course, click on the My Home tab at the top of the page and select the course from the My Courses module course list.

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Submitting your Portfolio

1. Go to the content area where the assignment dropbox for the portfolio is located. Click on the assignment title.

Assignment link

2. In the Upload Assignment page, click on Select Portfolio. Since the portfolio has already been created, we do not need to create a new one.

(Optional) You can add comments to your portfolio assignment submission for the instructor to read.

3. A window will open. Select the radio button for the portfolio you need to submit for the assignment, and click Submit.

Select Portfolio

4. Your portfolio name should now show on the Upload Assignment page. If you made a mistake and wish to attach a different portfolio, click the Remove Portfolio button.

Remove Portfolio

5. Click Save Draft if you wish to save your work and submit the assignment later, or click on Submit located at the top or bottom of the page. You need to click on Submit for your instructor to receive your portfolio assignment.

6. After clicking Submit, the assignment page will reload and you will now see your portfolio displayed on the left side of the screen. On the right, you will see your grade (once it is available), your assignment attempts, the download link of your submitted portfolio, and the available comments.

Portfolio submitted