Discussion Board for Students

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Posting in a discussion board forum

1. Click on Create Thread in the discussion board forum. Instructors and fellow classmates can post in threads.Discussion Board

Create Thread page2. On the Create Thread page, provide a (A) subject and your (B) message content in the empty text fields. To help guide you in making your post, use the (C) forum description provided at the top of the page to guide you in writing your post. You can also attach files to the post you are creating.

When you’re done typing your post, click on (D) Submit located at the top or bottom of the page.

If you want to work on your post later and just save it for now but not submit it yet, click on Save Draft. Saving your post as a draft will not make your post available in the forum yet until you have gone back in and clicked on Submit.

3. After clicking on Submit, your post now becomes available for all participants to view in the discussion board forum. You can see the date when the post was created, the title of the thread post, the author of the post, the post status (whether it’s published or a draft), if there are any unread replies within that post, and the total number of replies/post within that thread.

Thread created in the forum

Replying to a post

1. Click on a forum thread that you want to post a reply to from the discussion board.

2. When the page for the thread post opens, you will the author’s post at the very top of the page. A star icon beside the author’s name would be an instructor. When you hover your mouse on the post you want to reply to, you will see these options: Reply, Quote, Email Author. (If it’s your own post that you’re replying to, you will see different options: Reply, Quote, Edit, Delete)

Forum post

a. Click on Reply if you want to post your comment for this post. Click on Submit when you’re done.

Reply to a post

b. Click on Quote if you want the original text of the post you are commenting on to be included in your reply post.

Quote post

c. The Email Author option will give you an option to directly send an email message to the author of the post. It will not post the email message in the forum.