Join a Zoom Meeting

To join a meeting, you would need the Zoom meeting URL or invitation, which your instructor would provide. The 10 digits at the end of the URL is the Zoom Meeting ID. The URL looks like this:

Zoom launch application window

On your computer, click the Zoom Meeting URL that your instructor provides. It will prompt you to install the Zoom application, and launch after it is done installing. You now have access to the meeting you have been invited to.

Zoom Participant room

Hover and move your mouse over the meeting window to view the menu options available for meeting participants:

Zoom Participant menu options

  • Mute/Unmute your audio
  • Enable/Disable video feed
  • Invite people to join the meeting (if enabled)
  • View list of participants in the meeting
  • Share your computer screen with the meeting
  • View chat window
  • Record the meeting
  • Leave the meeting

Zoom App on Mobile device

If you have the Zoom Meeting app installed on your device, you can join a Zoom meeting by providing the 9 or 10 digit Meeting ID. You can find the Zoom Meeting ID by checking the Zoom  Meeting URL sent by your instructor.

Download Zoom from you mobile device’s store and install the app. Open the app and click on Join a Meeting.

Zoom Meeting Login Screen

To join a meeting, provide the meeting ID, and your Screen Name for the meeting. Enable or disable the following options: Connect to Audio and Turn Off/On your video during the meeting.

Join a Meeting - Provide the meeting information

When you join the meeting, you will be able to see the meeting host and have a floating menu toolbar available as a meeting participant. The screenshot provided is a meeting without any video feed enabled.

Zoom Meeting Participant interface

It’s the same for using your phone to join a Zoom Meeting after you install the Zoom Meetings app.

Zoom iOS login Join Zoom Meeting iOS

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