Publisher Test Banks

Importing publisher test banks to Blackboard 9.1

You can import a test bank provided by your textbook publisher.

Since the steps vary by publisher, see publisher’s instructions. Not all publisher provided test generators are compatible with Blackboard 9.1.

Test Generators and Bb 9.x The following publisher-provided Test Generators have been determined to be compatible with Blackboard Release 9.x:

Test Generator
Bb 9 Import 
Version Required   Notes 
Diploma Yes  6.67 or later Testbanks import as Pools, Tests import as Tests
 ExamView Yes 6.2.x or later Testbanks import as Pools, Tests import as Tests

Test Online*

Yes Must use Online version Tests import as Pools
TestGen Yes Yes 7.4 or later  Tests import as Pools in Blackboard

Other test generators: Contact OES, and we’ll be happy to investigate for you.

Using Respondus: OES has an unlimited license for the Respondus software application. Respondus is a Windows application that enhances the functions and features of Blackboard’s exam and survey tools. Respondus allows faculty to author exams offline, import existing questions from a word processing file, and publish the quizzes directly to the Blackboard course(s).