Where to Send Your Students for Support

If it becomes necessary for you to teach your class remotely, there are many opportunities for your students to get help with Blackboard or any of the systems supported by the college.


You can provide students with information directing them to the college’s Helpdesk ticketing system to request help with Blackboard, Email, Self-Service, myDotte, or Office 365. They can call using the helpdesk phone number, 913-288-7179 or submit a ticket to the helpdesk website. Students will log in using their Student ID. If they cannot log in, they can submit an email to help@kckcc.edu. A technician will get back in touch with them as soon as possible.

Online Support FAQs

This blog contains an extensive collections of how-to documentation on a wide variety of issues related to being online.

For Frequently Asked Questions and “How To” Guides on Blackboard, click here.

Mobile Information

For information regarding mobile access, click here.

Publisher Support Information

Use the following links and phone numbers to reach out to a specific publisher.


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