Guide to Course Content

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Once you have entered the course, it is important that you get familiar with the links on the Course Menu, and what those links give you access to.


Students will find the bulk of the material that they will need to access by clicking and opening the Content Link. On ground instructors have the freedom to put documents, videos, Power Points, writing assignments, and tests into Blackboard shells.

When instructors put course content in Blackboard, it will:

  • Give you access to course material 24/7.
  • Allow you to send and receive Course Messages in the Course and not somewhere in the middle of all the campus email you receive on a daily basis.
  • Help you keep track of your own grades 24/7.


Inside the Content area

1folderAfter you click on the Content link generally what you will see is a Folder. Inside the folder will be the work your instructor wants you to have access to. Click the folder name to view the files located inside the folder.


Item iconIn a content area or in a folder, you might see an image that looks like a page of paper. Generally, you will find an accompanying text with this image.


Assignment dropboxThe Assignment icon represents a drop box. Using the Assignment tool allows instructors to check for plagiarism and grade the assignment in Blackboard. This allows you to see your instructor’s comments and grade immediately after it is graded.



Tests that are given in Blackboard will have specific dates and times that they are available.


SurveySurveys are anonymous, and look just a little different from tests and quizzes.


FileA file will be a document or image that your instructor has uploaded to the course content for you to access and download.


WeblinkYou may also find links to external websites that your instructor added in your course as additional support material.

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