Continuity of Education

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Whether classes are postponed due to weather, illness, community health, or other emergency, Kansas City Kansas Community College offers many resources beyond Blackboard to support academic continuity. Know which instructional technologies you can use to maintain academic continuity when your class cannot meet in person.

Before the emergency happens, think about how you can handle the disruption. You can use these simple steps to plan for a problem.

  1. Contact your class to let them know that you will continue instruction in Blackboard. You can send an course message through Blackboard or an email through Self-Service or Outlook.
  2. Inform your students how to continue their coursework. Consider how you will deliver instruction to them. Will you record lecture in Panopto for students to view later? Will you deliver your lectures live with Zoom so students can join in real time? Will you create tests in Blackboard?
  3. Tell your students how to complete their work. How will they complete their assignments. Will they work independently or in groups? Will you have them upload their assignments to Blackboard (recommended) or email? Will you create test in Blackboard or will you post up Word copies?
  4. How will you continue to keep up office hours or meet with students? Will you use Zoom for office hours, study sessions, or private sessions? Will you communicate only through Blackboard Messages or email?
  5. Tell your students how and when they will get their grades. Whether you grade the papers by hand or through the Blackboard assignments or test tools, post your grades in the Blackboard GradeCenter for easy access.

Remember KCKCC online Education Services has many tools that can assist you in not losing valuable instructional time with your students. This Blog as well as the Instructor’s Lounge within Blackboard has a great deal of information to help you learn these tools quickly!

Please join us for these live and remote events throughout the weeks of 3-16-20 through 3-27-30 for regularly scheduled training events! See dates, times, and locations on our Training Page.

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